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man with french bulldog

I gave him a gold chain because collars aren’t aesthetically pleasing.”

Smart man

Overheard by @egrabess 📥
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Duck Dive. Pacific Beach. 🐶

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Says who?

Says who? 🍻Overheard by @misskyrieanne 📥#dontneedthenegativity #overheardsd

To the brave soldiers and sailors

To the brave soldiers and sailors everywhere who bears his country’s cause, To the men and women who fought for their brothers and sisters in the field and served with their best for the same cause – We honor, thank, and salute you! 🇺🇸 Happy Veterans Day! 💌 O.H. @luisam_lg


I blame Shore Club.

“I blame Shore Club.” - Miles TellerOverheard by @ggnotgigi 📥#redbullslushiesarewaiting #overheardsd